How you can ensure that luck falls in your favour when it comes to free spins

Despite what you may have heard, slots have always been nothing more than a game of luck. By playing the slots, your money is transferred into the questionable hands of fate; however, many gamblers will tell you that’s just part of the fun. What’s even more fun, in my opinion anyway, is that by signing up to the right online casino, you’ll get the promise of free spins. Need to know where to look for free spins? It’s common knowledge in online gambling circles that online casino portals are what you need to check out in order to grab the best free-spin offers – I can personaly recommend that you use when you are looking for new promotions. What should you do afterwards? Well it’s time to get your game plan organised!

Although the game is based on luck, you’ll still need to make relevant preparations to ensure your luck is around when you have these free spins. When it comes to playing the slots, you must have a healthy bank account that allows you to move forward once you start. This doesn’t mean huge pounds, but it still needs to be big enough to maintain any winning momentum you generate. Numerous successful gamblers will have a dedicated account for playing the slots, so that when their free spins run out, they (and you) can keep a hold of their money.

Although pretty obvious, it still needs to be said that you must pick the right online casino to play at. The free spin offers do vary between casinos, as well as their regular playing conditions. As an example, you may just be a casual gambler, so this means that you should never sign up to any “high roller” level account. Another tip is to always check out the odds given by a casino before you register with them. By doing this, you can determine an average to see if it suits your liking.

Not only do you need to thoroughly research which casino you select, you must do the same thing when choosing the games you play. Although having free spins are great for checking out any games available, you need to approach this with a focus on the odds. You will need to find a game you enjoy playing, but also one that has favourable odds if you expect to have more good luck than bad. Many a novice gambler has been sucked in by flashy graphics and has paid a heavy price for this.

Normally, the best odds and game set-ups are the three-reel machines, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they are the best for you. When choosing a machine, make sure you read and learn the rules thoroughly, which means being able to interpret the terminology. The simple reason behind doing this is that the slot players with the most luck understand the field and know what they are doing. By understanding everything from paylines to odds, you will be able to judge your game better.

Don’t get upset when luck stops going in your favour, because luck is merely a temporary thing. Every online slot machine run off what is called Random Number Generators; so if you find you’re on a losing streak, don’t become paranoid or superstitious. Remind yourself that a new winning streak can come around just as fast. Luck is the name of the slots game and free spins are your tool to mastering it. Try focusing on your preparation if you want to give yourself the best chances of winning.

What problems arise when accepting free spins?

Many online casinos now offer a wide range of promotional offers. It is rare to come across an online casino, nowadays, that doesn’t offer a bonus, such as doubling your deposit or free spins. Although these promotions can be tempting, and seem to be an easy way to make money, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Whether you are approaching online casinos as a casual user or as a professional casino player, there are many things that you should look into and be aware of prior to signing up to certain sites. The main reason for offering such promotions is to bring in new business. This means that once you have signed up and collected your free spins or bonus money, you are not likely to come off with the site with the money that you may be expecting to win; the terms and conditions of certain casinos can also mean that you end up spending money on these games. Such activities have lead to online casinos and their promotional offers being scrutinised, and for good reason!

Free spins no deposit required are offered to new casino users as a way to get them playing more games. Online casinos hope that once a player starts to enjoy the games, he will continue to do so, even after their free spins no deposit have ran out. There are two promotions available when it comes to gaining free spins. The first requires a deposit to be placed, and the size of this deposit will then determine the number of free spins that you will receive. It is widely debated as to whether or not online casinos can class these spins as ‘free’ spins, as you have to deposit money before receiving them. The second offer is to simply give the user free spins no deposit required upon registration. This may seem like a great way to make money, but it isn’t quite a straightforward as most people would like to think.

Before using the free spins that you have been offered, you should carefully read the terms and conditions that come with them. The reason for this is that these T&Cs are often really heavy and can restrict the game play and winning potential to a point where a big jackpot win won’t actually put any money in your pocket! This is due to the fact that most online casinos put a high withdrawal cap on their games, and on user accounts to stop players from being successful when playing with free spins. This is the most deadly of all of the terms and conditions commonly in place, because a player is lead to believe that they have been successful in their gameplay and will continue to spin. Not only will this use up the remainder of the free spins no deposit bonus offered, but also most players will then find that their winnings are tied up in the account due to the withdrawal limit being too low. This happens far too often and can be devastating when in effect.

On top of the withdrawal limit, players are often faced with impossible-to-meet wager requirements when playing online casino slots with free spins. A basic wager requirement can come in at 10x, whilst some casinos require anything up to 50x. This can cause huge problems when playing slot games at an online casino, and is something that many players do not consider before signing up. A good place where you can find bonuses and free spins with low wagering requirements is – they have a large list of available promotions at almost every popular casino in Europe, and usually state the terms that come with each bonus, which gives you an excellent overview.

All of the factors discussed above should be taken into consideration when signing up to an online casino. It is clear, when reading the above, why many online casinos have become highly controversial. However, if you look past the negative points mentioned, there is still something to be gained when playing with free spins.

The best online slot releases of 2015

The past 12 months have been something to behold, as the casino online industry hasn’t ever had a year like it in the past. It seems that day after day, week after week, and month after month news broke that pushed the industry to the next level. Ever evolving and every changing, online casino gaming moved to heights that industry professionals never even thought possible. Part of the reason for the online casino explosion last year is due to how slot games have really had their finger on the pulse of what is relevant. 2015 is certainly a year that will live long in the memory, largely because of the following online casino portal hits.

Rage to Riches

A key theme amongst online casino slot games during 2015 was “retro”, as many developers looked back to the 1980s for inspiration. While some games ticked some or most of the boxes when it came recreating that 1980s feeling, only one game managed to tick them all. Rage to Riches is arguably the greatest ever Play’n GO release and one that will certainly stand the test of time. Loosely based on the mid-1980s video game Rampage, the title wants players to get mad and rage their way to success. The retro look really gives this game serious appeal, as players can smash, hammer, and crash in true video game style. If you want fun, then Rage to Riches is the 2015 online casino game that is sure to provide it.

Tornado: Farm Escape (NetEnt)

Tornados are something that usually has negative connotations, but it seems that NetEnt has tried to give a positive spin on proceedings. Keeping up their reputation for creating and delivering 5-star casino online creations, Tornado: Farm Escape is an odd online casino game that delivers fantastic entertainment. Based around a friendly farm that is the grips of a tornado, this game features various animals that are all flying around everywhere. The two key elements within the game are the “Storm” and “Tornado” modes, with both offering users the chance to cash-in for big wins. To learn more about this hugely popular slot, head over to SverigesCasinon and read their review of Tornado Farm Escape.

Neon Reels (iSoftBet)

Above we mentioned that 2015 was the year of “retro”, as so many online casino game developers tried them on for size. So many developers couldn’t get to grips with it, but iSoftBet certainly didn’t have that problem. Neon Reels takes players back to the 1980s and gives them a retro feeling game that is brighter than any other online casino game currently available. Not only does it live up to the name is dousing the design of the game in bright neon, but it offers a throw back to the slot games of yesteryear. The reels do away with the flash of modern designs and sticks to the classic symbols, so expect to find bells, cherries, lemons, and 7s on show. Neon Reels is a game that embodies the 1980s in a way that no other game has done before.

The Vikings (Endorphina)

Speaking of games that have reached the pinnacle, The Vikings by Endorphina must be mentioned. Adopting the age-old theme of Norse folklore, The Vikings places players right into the middle of the Nordic seas, as they set sail in attempt to secure some major prizes. Featuring more free symbols than players can count and a theme that keeps the entertainment flowing, The Vikings represents some of Endorphina’s finest online casino work.